Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday March 30th

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Friday March 27th


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Morning Message

Daily Riddle

Today's time table 

Language 40 Minutes


Use your 8 chosen words to write a paragraph or story. You can write it on any piece of paper available! Please upload to see-saw once done. Please do not help parents!!!!

Create a paragraph/story using your spelling words!!

1. Choose 8 of your spelling words
2. Decide if your story will be fiction or non-fiction
3. Write an introduction (Once upon a time, In a land far away, One day. . .)
4. Write the body of your story (remember to use sentence starters)
5. Write a conclusion (finally, lastly, in the end, in conclusion . . .)
6. Proofread your work time!!!!
  • did you use capitals?
  • do you have periods/exclamation marks/question marks?
  • did you circle your 8 words?
Bonus – Draw a picture!


Learning Goals 
for students to use their review words in proper detailed sentences that make sense.

Success Criteria 
I know the meaning of my review words

I can use my review words in a detailed sentence correctly 

Inquiry into Structures 40 Minutes


Lets look over our wonder wall we created! Click/tap on the picture to make it bigger to read! There are some really great wonders here!

Let's start by answering one of the wonders! How are suspension bridges made?
Sketch of a suspension bridge. | Download Scientific Diagram

Famous Structure Fact Card

Students are to pick a famous structure from anywhere in the world and research it. Fill in fact card template. This may take a while to do today so math is shortened to help this!
Ones to consider:
·      Golden Gate Bridge
·      Colosseum
·      Sydney Opera House
·      Gateway Arch
·      Pyramids of Giza
·      Mount Rushmore
·      Grand Canyon 
·      The Great Enclosure
·      Machu Pichu
·      Stonehenge
·      St. Basil's Cathedral
·      Eiffel Tower
·      Leaning Tower of Pisa 
·      Taj Mahal 
·      Itsukushima Torii
·      Great Wall of China
·      Angkor Wat

Once complete please upload pictures of work to seesaw account


Learning Goals
for students to research a famous structure 
Students are to pick a famous structure from anywhere in the world and research it. 
Provide pictures and names on blog to help them choose if need be. 

Create a research fact card Attached to email and seesaw account 

Once complete please upload pictures of work to seesaw account

Success Criteria
I can name the materials used in the structure
I can determine if it is natural or human-made structure

Music  10:20-11:00


Gym 12:00-12:30


Happy Friday everyone!! We made it through the first week of online learning. Congratulations!

For PE today, I have created 2 YouTube videos for you to follow along with.

click on the link ---Warm Up: 

click on the link ---Workout:

Have a fantastic weekend! Check out my Instagram @physedwithmsv for some activities to do this weekend!
Don’t forget to be active! J

Math 40 Minutes

Have this page ready


Learning Goals
for students to learn how to add money

Show to add using decimal places – provide picture example 

Complete worksheet 
Attached to email 

Success Criteria

I can write addition equations vertically lining up the decimal places 
I can add two given money amounts

Quiet Time 30 Minutes

French 2:20-3:10

click this link --------- 

Friday, March 27th, 2020

Learning goal: Read and understand a text in French, identify silent sounds and the different parts of speech.
Success criteria: I can read and understand a text in French while paying attention to silent letters and identify the parts of speech.

-The students read the attached text out loud twice. 
-The students prepare a line paper with the date (Vendredi 27 mars 2020) and the title: Lecture.
-The students copy the text using a neat and clear handwriting, and make sure to skip a line to space their text lines. 

-The student will now follow the instructions below:
Ø Souligner les lettres silencieuses (underline the silent letters).
Ø Entourer les sujets (circle the subject nouns).
Ø Utiliser une couleur differrente pour souligner les verbes (use a different colour to underline the verbs).
Ø Trouve la réponse à la question dans le texte et écrit la réponse (find the answer to the comprehension question in the text and write it down).


Moment de détente

Ce soir, Marc regarde un filme drôle. Marc rit beaucoup. Il a les larmes aux yeux. Sa mere lui dit qu’il est bientôt l’heure d’aller dormir. Marc rigole.

Quel genre de filme regarde Marc?

A.   Un filme d’horreur.
B.    Un filme drôle.
Un filme d’amour

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thursday March 25


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Morning Message

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Daily Riddle
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Today's Time Table 

Language 40 Minutes

Students   refresh your learning from yesterday click on the link

1. finish yesterdays work - if complete go to step 2
2. pick a new advertisement link from the list below
3. complete the analyzing ads page about the new item - you can put it on the same page as yesterday's if you like

Key words

Slogan - A catchy song or sentence that helps you identify a a product or company
Logo - A picture, chart or graph that helps you to recognize a product or company
Target audience - what group of people are they trying to sell their product to?
font -  the letters (writing) on the page, how they look 
Celebrity -  Someone famous that we all know like Justin Bieber !

Advertisement links choose one:

You will need pages

Learning Goals For students to become familiar with persuasive texts such as 

Describe the types:
Emotional appeal - make you have a good/sad/happy feeling towards the product.
Exaggeration – makes you feel like you can be a superhero by having the product 
Bandwagon – makes you feel like everyone has it/is doing it, so you need to
Loaded words – uses words that have a big meaning to the person watching like being healthy, and feeling great 

Success Criteria 
I can describe Emotional Appeal 
I can describe Exaggeration
I can describe Bandwagon
I can describe Loaded Words

Inquiry into Structures 40 Minutes

Lets look over our wonder wall we created! Click/tap on the picture to make it bigger to read! There are some really great wonders here!

Let's start by answering one of the wonders! How tall is the CN tower?
click on the links 

Step 1 complete any unfinished work from yesterday 
Step 2 click link

When finished complete this work page by making a list of structures you know that are found in nature and structures that you know are human made.

Here are some examples to get you started!

Learning Goals

For students to learn about natural and human-made structures
Students will learn the difference between human-made and natural structures

Complete objects and structures page. Students are to make a list of as many human-made and natural structures that they can think of
Attached to email
Success Criteria
I can define man-made 
I can identify man-made structures 
I can define natural 

I can identify natural structures 

Reflection 40 Minutes

Go onto your Knowledgehook app and work on the missions that are there!


Learning Goals
For students to review their knowledge of time, temperature and money.

Success Criteria
I can tell time on digital and analogue clocks to the nearest 5 minutes
I can read a thermometer and record the temperature
I can add sets of coins
I can subtract sets of coins
I can read and solve word problems involving money
I can make change for given amounts 

Gym 12:00-12:30

PE with Ms. V!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the workout video I had created for all of you! I’d love to see some photos or videos, and I will try to include my puppy Jay in more of my videos and posts!

Today’s task for PE is your choice as I prepare the next YouTube video!

Choose from the list below, or get creative and use your imagination today!
Ms. V’s Workout Video -
Use your creativity and imagination!

*Don’t forget to fill out your activity logs and send me updates via or on WhatsApp 905-617-2577

The Phys-Ed team (myself, Mr. Orr and Mr. Beresford) have decided to run a competition amongst all students at SJA! Each Wednesday there will be a physical challenge that ends the following Tuesday. If a photo or video is sent to me, you automatically get 100 house points!! On Tuesday next week, we will be choosing a winner from JK-2, 3-6, 7-10. The winner will be chosen based on your ability to properly do the skill and how long you do the skill for. The winner will get 1000 house points!

This week’s challenge is the plank! JK-2 may try the “bird dog”. Try to do a plank for 60 seconds!! You can start with 10 seconds today, try 20 seconds tomorrow, and work your way up to a minute!

Math 40 Minutes


Have these pages ready, follow along with the pages

click this link ---------

Learning Goals
For students to explore counting sets of money
Students complete pages  
Review coin amounts – picture
how to show in two ways -picture
how to show coin amounts - picture
Success Criteria
I can count sets of money
I can represent money amounts in different ways 
I can write money amounts 
I can use pictures to represent money amounts

Quiet Time 30 minutes 


 pick an activity listed below
- board games
- household chores
- quiet reading
- puzzles
- RAZ kids

Parents Learning Goals
For students to  choose an activity
- board games
- household chores
- quiet reading
- puzzles
- RAZ kids

French 2:20-3:10

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Learning goal: Conjugate and use the verb “Être”.
Success criteria: I can conjugate and correctly use the verb “Être”.

-The students should take a look at yesterday’s work to review the verb “être” and how they used it in sentences.

-The student will complete the attached worksheet using the correct form of the verb “être”.